Emilio Messina

Photographer and documentary maker

Emilio Messina Emilio Messina is a photographer, guide and naturalist. He has explored the most remote places in Sicily, dedicating several photographic books to the island. His thirst for adventure has also led him to immortalise unspoilt landscapes around the world. He has collaborated on numerous documentaries and television programmes as a drone pilot. Winner of various photography competitions, his shots of Etna's eruptions have been published in internationally renowned books, magazines and newspapers. http://www.emiliomessina.com http://www.emiliomessina.com


For Volcanic Attitude:

Emilio Messina, who has been photographing erupting volcanoes for years, will guide us through a photographic and visual journey of his adventures on Etna, with a special focus on its spectacular eruptions. The trip will also extend to other volcanic lands such as Iceland, Madeira, Tenerife, Chile and Bolivia. The challenges and thrills of capturing the wild beauty and majestic power of these landscapes will be shared. Emilio will talk about the use of drones to obtain unique perspectives and his collaborations with documentaries and TV programmes, along with anecdotes and behind-the-scenes footage.


Photo and video: Davide Pompejano

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