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"Volcanic Attitude" is a contemporary culture festival that hosts artists and researchers in a program of explorations, conferences, and performances between Naples and Vulcano (Aeolian Islands).

Volcanic Attitude connects the research of artists and experts from various scientific disciplines with volcanic territories and the primary forces of nature, to investigate the ways in which we act and think, and how these change in relation to the place and the tools we use.


Volcanic Attitude

2024 edition

18 - 21 June


High Deep is the third edition of Volcanic Attitude on the Aeolian Islands. The festival takes us from the depths of the sea to stellar constellations in the sky. It offers a visionary journey from submarine volcanoes and studies on oceans and their role in climate change to the depths of 'lost skies' and ancient stars. The trembling of the volcanic earth beneath our steps guides us on the way.

The performative works and installations by Italian and international artists will be in dialogue with the contributions of researchers from the National Institute of Volcanology and the Marine Biology Institute.

The protagonists

Riccardo Arena


Sandro De Vita

INGV volcanologist

Filippo Romano

Photographer and documentary maker

Pietro Lo Cascio


Loredana Longo


Nacy Spanò

Marine biologist, UNIME

Lucie Strecker, Mariella Greil, Peter Kozek, Nikolaus Gansterer, Victor Jaschke

Progetto di ricerca Shaken Grounds, artisti

Gianfilippo De Astis

INGV geologist and volcanologist

Ignazio Mortellaro


Emilio Messina

Photographer and documentary maker


Designer e DJ

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iL TEAM 2024

HELGA FRANZA ~ Susanna Ravelli ~ Giulia Restifo ~ DAVIDE POMPEJANO

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Foto: Emilio Messina

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